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Selecting a door

The front door is the first thing seen when entering a home.  Not only does it protect you and your loved ones, it immediately sets the tone for what is behind the door.  I have thousands of doors for you to choose from that will fit your style and your budget.  I can also build custom doors to your liking if needed.

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Door installation

There is a proper way to install a door.  It must be plumb, level, and shimmed on either side of the hinges.  This allows for the door to be adjusted years later if the framing or foundation should move.  A proper installation will have an equal reveal, or distance, between the door and the frame on all sides of the door.  The door should operate smoothly and seal evenly and snugly against the weatherstripping.

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Final touches

A door also needs good hardware and a good finish.  This is especially true in Texas where the hot sun and humidity can really do a number.  I also do door refinishing if your door simply needs a little TLC.

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