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A Joy or a Joy Robber?

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or living area can be a stressful time.  Your home is being invaded by people that don't live there and a good deal of income being invested.  My job is to get you from start to finish without the headaches.  

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Two things.  Time and Money.  These are the cause of most remodeling disasters or triumphs.  Time.  Either it takes too long, there are too many delays, or things move quickly and with purpose.  Money.  Too many "surprises" or unknown expenses or the job comes in on or under budget.  We can grab the bull by the horns from the beginning during planning.  A good remodeler takes time to work all the kinks out of the job with the customer before the job begins.  This is what I do.  Remodeling should be exciting and fun.

The Woodlands, Woodforest, bath remodeling, kitchen, remodeling, carpenter, contractor, builder


An old general contractor I worked for years ago summarized the relationship between his customers and him with the word, "trust."  In a day and age where integrity is lacking, this is one area that sets me apart from most of the competition.  The check at the end of the job is not my goal.  My goal is to see a happy customer.  I want repeat customers.

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