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Wood or Hardiboard

All three of these are the most common types of siding in Montgomery County.  I feel wood often gets a bad rap because of the poor installation and materials that can be observed in our neighborhoods. Wood needs to be sealed on all six sides with a stain or a primer.  Secondly, yellow pine from Home Depot isn't going to cut it.  If you've ever driven through the Midwest and seen some of the old houses still standing out in the open you must wonder how they are still there.  The wood used to build these houses was cut from old growth forests where the growth rings were close together and the species often had some rot resistance to it.  Today's lumber comes from fast growing engineered forests  with wide growth rings and has no rot retarding characteristics.  A quick look at the lumber stamp will tell you where it comes from and what species it is.  I take effort to use lumber from the western U. S. if it is going to be used as exterior siding.  There are also now some engineered siding and trim that are decent to use.

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Stucco siding leads me to another topic.  Flashing.  Much like shingles on a roof must overlap, siding must overlap to continually push the moisture to the exterior of the building.  Flashing is placed around any protrusion such as a window or door.  As stucco became popular, the insurance industry became alarmed at all the issues that they were having with stucco.  When water gets behind the siding it really does a number.  Oftentimes, the damage is hidden from view.  This is particularly important in the Houston area as we often get what's called vapor drive in the early summer mornings.  I was called to a large residence in Carlton Woods where a homeowner was experiencing water entering through a wall.  After I had removed a wall panel, I could see where the exterior flashing was overlapped backwards, essentially redirecting the water back into the building.  Fortunately, although it was a headache for the homeowner, the homebuilder removed the whole wall of stone on that side and replaced it properly at no cost.

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Stone or Brick

 No matter what your siding needs are, I hope you'll consider a consultation with me.  From my experience of working in the Houston area, I see a lot of damage done to homes due to poor installation.  I guarantee that any work done by me will stand the test of time.  I can't always promise that I will be cheaper than the next guy, but I can promise you that 10-20 years after I install your siding and trim, that you won't find any hidden surprises behind your walls. 

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