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My roots

Growing up in Warroad, Minnesota, both of my parents worked for Marvin Windows.  This photo is of a replica of the first Marvin Windows truck taken during Warroad's 2017 4th of July Parade.  Today Marvin Windows employs thousands of people around the world and makes arguably the best windows.  Another notable window manufacturer, Anderson Windows, is based out of Baytown, MN.

Windows, Replacement, The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Marvin Windows, Carpenter, Remodeling

Which window?

With all the options out there, and prices varying by several hundred dollars between windows, things can be confusing.  I will work with you and your budget whether that means a low cost vinyl window, a fiberglass window, or a higher end aluminum clad window.  I've installed all of them and I know which ones last and which ones don't.  If needed, I can also build custom stationary units with insulated glass.

The Woodlands, Windows, Replacement,  Vinyl Windows, Fiberglass Windows, Remodeling, Carpenter

Proper Installation

As with any building component, proper installation of any window is key.  The window needs to be flashed properly and sealed to the building envelope.  One of the biggest flaws I'm seeing out there currently is with the vinyl windows.  They expand and contract and the manufacturers all call for installation that takes this movement into place.  Improper nailing into the nailing fin causes these windows to crack when our Texas temperatures swing from 20-110° F during the year.

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